E.g., 29/06/2017

Marcel Mochet's exposition

Marcel Mochet, a great photographer, exhibits his art at Les Terrasses de Bréhat. From the first of June until September 30, 2012, you can admire 83 pictures exposed in the building and 39 large pictures (1,80m and 1,30m) around the building.

With this exhibition: «The fishermen of extremes»you will discover the tough world of fishermen. This may seem a generalized subject, though, rare are the pictures. As the photographer indicates: « a fisherman isn’t easy to approach, the sea is also difficult to approach ». This partly explains the rarity of photos and works published about these factory-ships. But, the photographer Marcel Mochet, loves the risk and even more the ocean, so he will not hesitate to go to the sea and tell the story of this special job through pictures.

His illustrations recalls several months of boarding on the factory-ships. They show the spirit of those great ships and those of the men who live and work on it. A little world facing a complex reality, another motivation for Marcel Mochet: « Now days it isn’t easy to be a fishermen; some irrational and incorrect handled fishing made each fisherman a bad guy. Plus the increase of sustainable development and the Green Wave who hasn’t facilitated the fishing industry. The ships are disarmed by dozens, not to say hundreds and destroyed on the deserted docks by shovels ». The exhibition « The fishermen of extremes » is a tribute to them. The risks and Marcel Mochet’s personal touch, make this exhibition unique full off emotion and sincerity.