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Spa Les Terrasses by Payot

Come and discover in our beauty salon a whole range of treatments: modeling, skin treatments, manicure and products especially elaborated by l’Institut Payot.
You can also experience the mond’Ozen treatments.

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Spa « Les Terrasses by Payot »

PayotBEST WESTERN PLUS - Les Terrasses de Bréhat is the first spa by Payot in Brittany.

Beauty is a science in motion.

One of the first female doctors, Nadia Payot founded her philosophy about beauty upon the movements and the gymnastic of facial muscles.
The concept involves working each muscle in a series of coordinated movements, carried out with the use of a skin care product specific to each skin type.

Unique treatments that unite scientific expertise and the pleasure of sense to offer an efficacity, a security and total well-being.

Dr Payot’s philosophy combines movement with beauty products. Her experience as a practitioner laid the groundwork for her core concept of a sculpting massage using a 42-movement facial protocol. This unique technique revitalises the soul, renews beauty, and restores harmony and the all-important balance between mind and body.Today, this highly specialised technique forms the core of the treatments offered by PAYOT beauty therapists.

Specific treatment « La Bréhatine »

(1 hour – face or body) : this tonic and relaxing treatment is specially realized by Payot for the client of “Les Terrasses de Bréhat”.
Visit the website : www.payot.com

Soins Mond’Ozen

Soin Mondozen by PayotDiscover 3 body treatments for 2 hours :

Asia Harmony treatment : balance and regeneration

Exquisite Orient treatment : well-being and sensuality

African emotion treatment : stimulation and revitalization

Visit the website : www.mondozen.fr